Wall Protection

FRP Panels – Fire Resistant Panels is the choice for many commercial application. With ever more stringent fire regulations and more attractive FRP colors on the market it’s become easier to simply choose FRP from the start.

Crash & Bumper Rails – This material solves wall dents, scrapes and scratch problems from carts, wheelchairs or beds. Inside corners and outside corners provide an uninterrupted finished look.
Corner Guards – Protecting wall corners solves damage done by traffic such as carts and wheelchairs. With surface mount, flush mount and fire rated corner guards, we offer the right corner protectors for your needs. Complement interiors with many standard colors, combine the warmth of woodgrain with durability or allow the wall color to show through when you choose from a number of corner guard finishes.

Rigid Vinyl - Rigid Vinyl comes in sheets or panels, solid surface or diamond plate sheet protects walls and provides an easy to clean surface to maintain a sanitary environment. Vinyl sheets & panels are available in a variety of colors and finishes including elegant beadboard. Solid surface wall protection offers superior chemical resistance for healthcare, education and hospitality setting. Diamond plate sheet is perfect for back of house and loading docks for heavy-duty wall protection.

FRP & Vinyl Wall Protection

Door Protection

Corner Guards

Bumper Crash Rail

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